Philadelphia 76ers: What if the Sixers didn’t take Markelle Fultz at the 2017 NBA Draft?

While the Philadelphia 76ers are busy focusing on the 2023 NBA Summer League, we are looking back at some of the biggest stories involving the Sixers and how they could have altered the future of the organization.

In a special summer engagement of the Out of Site Podcast on the Liberty Ballers Network, your hosts Adio Royster and Dave Early take you through the Sixers Multiverse — a series of episodes that answer a simple question: ‘What If…’. There are moments in the Philadelphia 76ers’ history (signings, draft picks, trades, etc.) that have shaped this team’s history for better or worse. Adio and Dave started things off at the draft of 2017 when the Sixers drafted Washington Husky guard Markelle Fultz. What if the Sixers chose a different path with that pick?

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