Michael Jordan just brought a meme into real life

Michael Jordan is definitely one of the coolest athletes ever. Actually, he might be the coolest athlete ever. That dude just embodies fly.

That doesn’t mean he’s very nicest guy in the world, though. Scottie Pippen tried telling us that a long time ago. And, honestly? We hear you, Scottie. We just don’t care. This dude is just that cool.

But some kids who were just looking for LaMelo Ball got a pretty hilarious look at that mean streak from MJ.

They were searching for Ball at the Hornets facility and it seemed innocent enough. They were probably just trying to get a couple pictures or whatever. They couldn’t find him, though.

But then, all of a sudden, Michael Jordan pops out from behind a car in this parking garage that they’re at. And they’re all like “Yooooo, it’s Michael Jordan,” which is the natural MJ reaction to have for anyone.

And then they’re like “can we get a picture?” and Jordan is like nah ”nah.” He says some other stuff, too, that you can’t quite make out here. But he’s definitely not taking that picture.

All of a sudden, that one “[expletive] them kids, ”meme that we know is fake but you just * feel * like it’s real actually became real. And it was hilarious.

These kids? They were not phased by this. At all. They proceeded to ask for LaMelo again, to which Jordan just went back to get into his car. Just an incredible interaction all around.

This is just SO Michael Jordan, y’all. Everyone thought this was wild.

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