Pirates Beat Cubs on a Walk-Off, But Ke’Bryan Hayes May Have Been Hurt on Collision with Willson Contreras

The Pittsburgh Pirates just beat the Chicago Cubs on a walk-off bloop single in the bottom of the 10th, and while that annoys me as the outcome of a game in which the Cubs had battled back, I was also concerned to see Ke’Bryan Hayes in pain after scoring.

Here’s the play, and Hayes being helped off the field:

With the throw coming in from the other side of the field, Willson Contreras had to try to get himself in optimal position to receive the throw and spin all the way around quickly for the tag. He was pretty close to the running lane in his pre-throw setup – I don’t think quite blocking it – and then the throw was a bit up the line, so Contreras moved right into the running lane to receive the throw. That is legal, and it looks like it might’ve just been really terrible timing on where the ball took Contreras and where / when Hayes was sliding.

As you could see, Ke’Bryan Hayes was in substantial pain and had to be helped up and off the field. No word yet on whether there was an injury, but hopefully he’ll be OK.

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