Home Plate Umpire Missed an Incredible 26(!) Calls

There are only so many season records an umpire can set, and pretty much none of them are good.

Last night, Blue Jays-White Sox home plate umpire Doug Eddings set one of those high marks, and it was definitely not a season-high you want to have attached to your name:

As you can see on the scorecard, the vast majority of missed calls came way outside the strike zone. It’s one of the largest strike zones I can remember seeing:

More than 1/3 of the pitches Eddings called a strike were actually a ball. MORE THAN A THIRD! That’s a tough night.

All you can do is laugh. Well, if you’re not a Blue Jays fan, I guess, since the math indicates they really did lose because of the strike zone. And maybe also not if you’re a baseball fan who is frustrated by the continued reliance on human eyes to do a job that is impossible to do as well as electronic equipment. But it doesn’t sound like robo umps are coming next season.

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