Living in your own universe

Jim Naugler

Denying reality in science, politics and life protects the psyche from disturbing facts and ideas and reduces anxiety.

Harold’s going bald before 30, but he’s convinced his comb-over of one hundred strands of hair is doing the job of 100,000. So, by creating his own reality, is Harold denying reality?

Denying reality allows us to engage in risk-taking activity oblivious to the likely consequences.

Milkweed shakes his head, “Fosdick, you smoke too much, drink too much, and eat too much. Aren’t you worried about your health?”

“As a man of science, Milkweed, I believe in modern medicine.”

Doctor: “You have 30 days to live.”

Fosdick: “No problem, Doctor, I’ll get a second opinion.”

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Sometimes you can deny reality but you cannot escape reality. Attractiveness-wise, she’s a ten and he’s a two but, denying reality, he asks her out anyway. She says yes. Then just when he thinks his orange mascara, spider neck tattoo and comb-over are paying dividends, he realizes her rescue dog is really a seeing-eye dog.

How do you convince someone to see reality? If it’s a normal person, recommend glasses. If it’s a politician, offer copious amounts of cash and a promise of power.


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