From Iceland — Iceland Invites Tourists For An Out-Of-This-World Experience

Published November 21, 2022

It was just last summer that Visit Iceland caught international media attention with a bold marketing campaign suggesting you to ‘outhourse your emails’ while traveling to Iceland.

Less than six months later, Iceland’s official marketing office is back at it again with a new promo video, “Mission: Iceland”, that has already reached over 350k views on YouTube.

“With all of its otherworldly experiences, a trip to Iceland will take your breath away. Not literally, though. We have oxygen,” reads the campaign description. The creators encourage tourists willing to spend millions of dollars for an interplanetary flight to save money and visit Iceland instead.

The website even features a calculator for you to get a better idea what $1,000,000 would get you in Iceland.

“Hopefully we convinced you Iceland is better than space,” says the campaign.

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