Did DC Just Spoil Its Next Universe-Shaking Big Bad?

The next terrifying antagonist ready to take on the heroes of the DC Universe may have already been revealed in a promo for the Dawn of DC relaunch.

It seems that DC Comics may have already revealed the next big threat for its bold, new era. A promo image for the Dawn of DC initiative hints that a classic villain could be stepping up his game to take on a revitalized DC Universe.

DC Comics recently revealed its plans for a line-wide shakeup following the events Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths and Lazarus Planet. The Dawn of DC will see some dramatic changes to the classic universe, including a heightened presence for its legacy heroes and a return of fan-favorite characters and teams such as the Doom Patrol. Details on the initiative emphasize a more optimistic leap into the future, with the heroes of the DCU having conquered the darkness that has given them so much strife. DC has also stressed that the Dawn of DC would be using its new series to build towards its next great storyline.


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But it looks like DC Comics has already revealed which villain the DC heroes will be going up against during its new chapter. Amid all the company’s news for the Dawn of DC, the publisher released a promotional image highlighting its plans for 2023. The year kicks off with Lazarus Planet and the game-changing events of Action Comics #1051. After that, the Dawn of DC will be in full swing with Unstoppable Doom Patrol and Green Lantern: Hal Jordan coming not too long after. Other titles will be appearing throughout the year, but DC appears to tease a new event around the premiere of its new Batman and Shazam series. The only text visible is “Knight T-“, possibly the name of DC’s next event. In addition, the icons of various heroes are drawn and appear to be marking points on mechanical tendrils quite similar to Brainiac’s.

Why Would Brainiac Come For The DCU?

Dawn of DC Comics Teaser

Fans familiar with Superman’s nemesis Brainiac know that the alien often pilots a ship resembling a skull that utilizes several tentacles as part of its defense and weapons systems. It’s been some time since Brainiac has been at the forefront of the DC Universe, but he’s certainly an intimidating threat. He specializes in stealing knowledge and sample cities from various worlds and destroying them to be his sole possessor. Brainiac has even proven to be a challenge to Superman and could no doubt spell trouble for the DC Universe.

But why would Brainiac reemerge now? It’s known that the events of Lazarus Planet will transform the DC Universe after the Lazarus Volcano erupts and leads to a spread of superpowers among humanity. While the fallout from Lazarus Planet currently unknown, such a radical change could no doubt stimulate the intellectual curiosity of a knowledge pirate like Brainiac. There could be some extremely rare specimens the Coluan menace may have a strong desire to preserve. Or maybe he has sinister plans of his own that have yet to be revealed. Fans will have to see for themselves if Brainiac will make a reappearance when the Dawn of DC kicks off next year.

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