Creepy crawlies teach us to look after planet Earth

The natural world is fascinating and as more emphasis is put on the climate emergency, the natural ecosystem is seen as increasingly important.

I remember speaking to an ant expert last year for a story I was writing about flying ant day, which is when millions of the insects swarm in the air usually in July or August while the queen ants look for a new colony.

I have also interviewed Norfolk ecologist Dr Ian Bedford, known as the Bug Man on BBC Radio Norfolk, in the past about wasps and why people should not panic around them and how they are also a key part of balancing the environment.

Some people might be fearful of certain creepy crawlies and programs like I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here don’t help much and I am frightened of snakes and spiders.

But during the weekend I visited BugzUK in Lenwade for a birthday party with my seven-year-old son.

I did not know what to expect but was amazed at the creatures they could handle including a dead leaf mantis, giant African land snail and giant African millipede.

They could not touch a large spider but were able to handle and inspect dead spider skin.

It was also incredible to witness the thousands of ants crawling around a network of tubes to and from its colony carrying pieces of leaves.

The visit highlighted how vital insects are to protect our planet, how well they work together and made me realize us adults should not be so scared of these amazing creatures.

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