City of LA records lowest water use in month of June

Soon after strict water restrictions were imposed on customers, Los Angeles saw its lowest water usage yet.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday that residents achieved an all-time low water usage record in the month of June.

Based on data, LADWP customers used 9% less water in June 2022 than in June 2021. Due to California’s worsening drought, water restrictions were imposed on June 1. Outdoor watering went from three days a week to two days.

“As encouraging as this progress is, LA continues to shatter monthly heat records, and we are faced with the stark reality that this crisis is only deepening. As the hottest months of the year approach, we’re asking Angelenos to not only maintain recent reductions, but to find additional ways to cut back on their water usage by taking advantage of the nearly 20 LADWP rebates that help our ratepayers save money and have made Los Angeles one of the most water efficient cities in the country, “the mayor said.


According to the city, LADWP customers have ramped up their voluntary reporting of water waste, with reports of water waste rising by 44% in the last month. They also say more customers are showing interest in the city’s Turf Replacement Rebate Program. The program offers $ 3 per square foot to replace a lawn with drought tolerant landscaping.

Other LADWP rebates include:

  • $ 500 for high-efficiency clothes washers, which increased $ 100 last month;
  • $ 250 for high-efficiency toilets, which also increased $ 100 last month;
  • $ 500 for zero and ultra low water urinals;
  • $ 6 for rotating sprinkler nozzles;
  • Free bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators;
  • Free high-efficiency showerheads;

Garcetti continues to urge people to continue water cutbacks

“Just two months ago, we acknowledged an urgent need to reduce our water use, and today, it’s clear that Angelenos have heeded our call,” he stated.

All watering continues to be limited to Mondays and Fridays for LADWP customers with street addresses ending in odd numbers, and Thursdays and Sundays for all customers with addresses ending in even numbers.


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