Bond actress Eva Green in legal battle over scrapped £4m film project


Actress Eva Green is due to appear in the High Court in a legal battle over the disappearance of a £4million film project.

The Casino Royale star, 42, was due to appear in sci-fi film A Patriot before production halted in October 2019.

Ms Green is now suing production company White Lantern Films, claiming she is entitled to her $1 million (about £810,000) fee for the project, despite it being cancelled.

Ms Green, who was both an actress and executive producer on the project, claimed she was entitled to her fees in the event the production was canceled under a so-called ‘pay or play’ provision.

She asks the court to decide that she is entitled to the money and that White Lantern should also pay her court costs.

White Lantern Films is defending the case and filing a counterclaim against Ms Green, alleging she repeatedly made ‘unreasonable demands’ and undermined the film’s production.

They also claimed that Ms Green had repeatedly stated that she was ready and willing to take part in the film when she had no intention of doing so.

The company is seeking the million dollar costs and seeking damages from Ms. Green.

The trial in London is due to last eight days, with Ms Green due to give evidence on Monday.


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