Amazon’s best selling Goplus Folding Treadmill is on sale


Don’t wait for the rain to stop, the fog to lift, the sun to shine, or the end of the workday to hit your stride. Just jump on your treadmill and go! Well. 1 bestseller on Amazon, the Goplus 2 in 1 Superfit Folding Treadmill is as convenient as they come, according to around 4,500 five-star fans, many of whom use it at their desks. And right now you can buy it for $330 down from $346.

A big workout in a small space

The Goplus 2 in 1 Treadmill’s sturdy yet compact design means you can pull it out and exercise almost anywhere, anytime – while listening to music (via a Bluetooth speaker), watching TV or logging work hours.

“Works great under my desk,” said a five-star fan. “I’ve had this treadmill for five months! … I’ve put about a MILLION steps on it!”

Another marveled that it’s “really thin and compact” and “stiffer than it looks.”

“The ultimate way to fight desk work weight gain!” added another. (If you don’t have a standing desk, they recommended the Vivo treadmill desk mount.)

“Great practice resource for students!” raged the medical student. “I’ve been able to walk on this treadmill while studying… I’ve also used this for a running challenge and ran 5km on it every day this month with no problems. The speed goes up to 7.5 paces when the arms are up, which is much more than I expected. Overall this works by far on the home treadmill.”

Move! Amazon’s most popular treadmill folds up and stays upright—and it’s now marked down. (Images: Amazon)

Folds down

Fani loves that this machine is easy to hide under the bed or propped on its side in the closet. And it’s easy to get it back up and running.

One grateful reviewer said, “I live with others so space is very limited and I couldn’t get a treadmill that would stay upright in the house. This treadmill is easy to fold and unfold and I can store it leaning against my wall tucked away in the corner of my room. Eventually I put its in my closet it fits in! its a bit heavy but i can move it where i need to without too much trouble and i’m not much of a heavy lifter haha ​​its easy to use didn’t require much assembly!works well…and the speed can go up really fast!No don’t be too loud, I can use it when my roommates are sleeping with no problem.”

There are plenty of bells and whistles

At this affordable price, you might think it’s completely bare bones. No. Several features improve functionality and make it easier to track progress.

This happy buyer breaks down this “great buy”: “It comes with a clip-on handlebar, a safety clip, a phone holder, and lubricant for the roller (which I haven’t needed yet). It’s easy to assemble and folds up small enough to fit under a desk, under a bed, or even on a wall!” The remote control makes it easy to adjust the speed up to 7.5 km/h. I’ve found the handlebars to be very useful when running. The display at the bottom rotates between speed, distance, time and calories.”

Quiet power

But the Goplus 2 in 1 Superfit foldable treadmill does not save energy! Fortunately, the 2.25 hp motor is quiet but strong and can take you on long walks or runs up to 7.5 km/h. Even though it’s compact, it can handle up to 265 pounds, and many six-foot fans rave about it.

This satisfied reviewer “was afraid it might be too small, but the whole family can walk in it! The tallest person is about 6″ tall and wears it every day! I love that it’s quiet.”

Another added, “Both my boyfriend (who is 6’2) and I (5’4 /125 lbs) can both run with it.”

Good thing this Goplus treadmill is durable because fans can’t get enough.

“I love this silliness,” beamed another pregnant convert. “I work from home full time and have been on such a trajectory. I decided to try the under desk treadmill to get a few steps in and I (and my husband) thought I’d use it twice and stop, so far it’s I use it every single day, purposefully walking 3-4 miles writing away (using it now!) … Great for my physical health as well as my mental health I love this really stupid stuff.

Hey, the heart wants what the heart wants – and what the heart wants needs is practice.

Of course, if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews quoted above correspond to the latest versions at the time of publication.

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