Viral horror webseries ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’ is getting a TV show

horror series Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is officially being made into a TV show on Channel 4.

The viral YouTube series launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and was announced to be receiving a TV adaptation in 2018.

It will now officially premiere on Channel 4 this September, as teased in a new promo video called ‘FLY’.

Take a look at the teaser below:

The teaser sees characters Yellow Guy, Duck and Red Guy sat at the kitchen table of the first shot of the YouTube series after showing an abandoned area full of destroyed items.

A fly buzzes around the characters, until Duck smacks it using a clipboard and says, “Pesky bee”.

The teaser then sees Yellow Guy’s dad make an appearance to announce the TV series release date of September 2022.

In other TV horror news, the makeup artists on Stranger Things recently revealed they were inspired by Game of Thrones for Vecna.

BAFTA-winning designer Barrie Gower explained to Digital Spy that Matt and Ross Duffer had looked to the villainous character from the HBO show for inspiration for Jamie Campbell-Bower’s character Vecna

“Their brief, really – they were fans of our work from Game of Thronesand the character we did, the Night King,” Gower explained.

He added: “I think they were after a menacing character, and somebody who had a similar presence to the Night King. Obviously Vecna ​​has a lot of dialogue, which the Night King doesn’t.”

Vol.2 or Stranger Things season four premieres on Netflix on July 1.

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