Young Buck Challenges Bosco The Pitbull For King Of The Back Yard

That’s a unique match up if I’ve ever seen one.

White-tailed deer are a favorite of many outdoor enthusiasts.

They taste great, provide a unique and challenging hunt, and are just a beautiful creature.

Everyone loves seeing a nice mature buck too. It’s hard to beat seeing an animal that has to fight everyday to survive and grow old. They say you can’t eat antlers but there’s just something pretty cool about knowing a buck might it that long and was able to pass on its genes to have more deer in the years to come.

So, regardless of what the video has in store, I’m willing to watch anything with deer.

Usually bucks only get aggressive with other deer during mating season. Sometimes though, they get defensive and ready to fight when there’s something they consider a predator around. These deer don’t get old by running, they do it by scaring off too.

When this deer wandered into this person’s yard, looking to munch on some apples it came face-to-face with a very curious pitbull named Bosco. I mean, it’s hard to blame a dog for being curious of the mysterious creature that showed up in his yard.

The nice 8-point buck immediately gets ready to fight, unsure of what the dog is.

The stare each other down and walk around the yard, Bosco more amused than anything, tail wagging the whole time. The deer on the other hand, is equally as curious, but naturally a bit more defensive.

As worried as the deer looks, the dog just seems happy to be alive.

This nice boy is just trying to play with the deer. The deer is too worried to join in on the fun.

Eventually, the buck has had enough and high-tails it out of the yard:

“Tis apple season for the deer, who come to our yard to help themselves. Our rescue pit bull, Bosco, wants to make friends with this young buck.

The buck was not in any danger, as he had ample opportunity to run away, which he did, at the end. The dog only followed to the treeline. ”

It’s too bad the deer didn’t just play with the good boy trying to make a friend.

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