WOLFGANG VAN HALEN signs with BMG for second MAMMOTH WVH album

Proud chart, Grammy-selected rock band MAMMOTH WVH A new global capture agreement has been signed and BMG to promote his upcoming new studio album. Guided by Wolfgang Van Halenthe music artist behind his solo band MAMMOTH WVHthis is the sign of his first arrest faced with BMGis also serving d MAMMOTH WVH‘s music publisher.

Van Halen said: “The MAMMOTH team and I are very excited to now be a part of the BMG family The entire team has welcomed us with open arms and nothing could have been more wonderful. I couldn’t ask for better partners for the future MAMMOTH.”

Dan Gill, BMG EVP, music recording, says: “It’s rare to find an artist with such exceptional musical skills and Wolfgang that shining example. His new album firmly cements himself at the forefront of the genre and aims to be a beacon for a new generation of rock artists.”

Emi Horikawa, BMG VP, creative, said: “From our first listen to MAMMOTH WVHwe knew this was something special. WolfgangThe songwriting and sense of melody, along with his ability to recreate elements of rock’s power and energy, is pure talent. We are proud to represent his music label and are calling now BMG his house name.”

MAMMOTH WVH‘s debut album was released by Explorer1 Music Group/EX1 Record.

Revealed Wolfgang with all voices and instruments, “Mammoth WVH” was met with positive and high reviews Wooden table‘s Top Hard Rock Albums and Top Rock Albums chart.

MAMMOTH WVHthe first one, “far”, reached No. 1 on the MediaBase and BDS Active Rock Radio charts. A tribute to Wolfgangthe father of, legend VAN HALEN play the guitar Eddie Van Halenthe song was never meant to be MAMMOTH WVH‘s debut album, but because of the great response to his video, which has been viewed over six million times. YouTube, was added as a bonus track. Everything Wolfgangof income “far” is being donated to Opus a Mr. Holland.

“far” an open letter to Wolfgangthe boy, declaring “no matter how far, I will be with you.” The video for the song was created from a collection of family movies over the years and offers an inside look at one of music’s most popular personalities. Telling the story of the family over the years, the video ends with a heartbreaking voiceover from Eddie to his son.

In November 2020, Wolfgang confirm that he asked his father for permission to use the MAMMOTH WVH band name for his solo project. MAMMOTH WVH a nod to family history— Eddie and Alex Van HalenThe band called MAMMOTH when singing David Lee Roth first joined in 1974.

MAMMOTH WVH‘s linear cycle segment Wolfgang on popular guitars and vocals, Frank Sidoris (SLASH SHOWS MYLES KENNEDY AND THE PLAN) on the guitar, Jon Jordan on guitar and vocals, Garrett Whitlock (TREMONT) on the drums, and Ronnie Ficarro on the bass.

MAMMOTH WVH making its television debut in February 2021, exciting “far” up “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and run to a specific audio format c “today”.

last november, MAMMOTH WVH release a digital deluxe edition of the debut album via EX1 Record. The new digital version features the bonus track from the Japanese release of the album, “Open & Walk”as well as two previously unreleased tracks, “While You Aren’t You” and “Goodbye”.

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