Taylor Swift Releases 4 New Tracks, Including A Love Song About Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift

Just 4 New Tracks Ahead Of The Tour…

Includes Love Song for Joe

Taylor SwiftShe is looking forward to her tour … releasing new songs, and although she is known for breakup tunes, one of her new songs is a love song for her boyfriend it’s been a long time.
Taylor gave fans “Taylor’s Version” re-recordings of 3 songs — “Eyes Open,” “Safe & Sound” and “If This Was a Movie” — at midnight. … this is his thing now.
He also performed “All Girls You Loved Before,” an old hit that he decided was ready for the show.
‘All Girls’ was originally intended for her 7th studio album, “Lover,” but ended up on the studio floor.
The Swifties got a taste of the song, because it was “this” last month on TikTok … now the whole song is finished for the beginning of Taylor’s Eras Tour, which starts tonight in Glendale , AZ.
In the love song, T-Swift lets all her feelings out and confesses her love for her boo Joe Alwyn.
In response he sings, “All the dead roads you’ve led me straight to. Now, you’re all I need. I’m so thankful for all the girls you’ve loved before and I love you more”.
Taylor and Joe have been dating since 2016, and while they’re not a couple that’s out and about all the time … they are as long as they are joined at the hip.
We’re guessing he’s a lock for a pass back to AZ tonight as the tournament begins after all that. Story of Ticketmaster surrounding the pre-sale — which made it to Congress!
Yes … Taylor, and his team, is a big deal.

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