Taylor Swift Eras Tour Setlist: All Songs From The Glendale Show

Are you ready for it? Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is finally here.

The 52-day tour begins Friday night in Glendale, Ariz., at State Farm Stadium with Gayle and Paramore opening. This marks Swift’s first tour since the Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018, when her 2020 Lover Fest was canceled before it started due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, Swift has released three albums — “Folklore” and “Evermore” in 2020 and “Midnights” in October 2022 — in addition to re-recordings of “Fearless” and “Red” ( which all came with bonus tracks) in 2021 .

Swift has promised this run to be “a journey through all my musical seasons,” prompting Swifties everywhere to speculate on what that means. for the tour list. Will he sing through songs from each of his 10 songs in sequence, or mix them up to tell a completely different story? Only time will tell. Regardless, the Eras Tour is shaping up to be the stuff of fans’ worst dreams — those who could get tickets, that is.

The overwhelming demand for tickets when they went on sale in November caused Ticketmaster to collapse, resulting in disappointment for hundreds of thousands of fans. The tour broke the record for the most concert tickets sold by an artist in one day with 2.4 million, and the Ticketmaster crisis was even heard in Congress due to the lack of competition in the ticket business. Long story short, those who see Swift tonight are on holy ground – and will be the only ones to welcome.

See the full lineup for the opening night of the Eras Tour below (updated live).

“Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince”
“Cruel Summer”
“The Man”
“It Needs to Be Calm”
“in love”
“The Childbirth”
“Don’t be afraid
“You belong with me”
“Love Story”
“The Wicked Season”
“Champagne Trouble”
“…Ready for Le?”
“Don’t blame me”
“Look What You Made Me Do”
“We’re never getting back together”
“I knew you were trouble”
“It’s Okay (10 Minute Version)”
“See the Unseen”
“The Last Great American Empire”
“August”/ “Crime Matters”
“My Name Tears”
“Free space”
“Shake it off”
“Wildest Dreams”
“Bad Blood”
“Mirrorball” (acoustic)
“Tim McGraw” (acoustic)
“Lavender Haze”
“Midnight Night”
“watch the damn thing”

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