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Rick Ross’s pet buffalo, which was given to the rapper/landscaper almost a year ago, has become a nuisance to his neighbors.

TMZ reports that the buffalo – one named Timbuktu – has wandered past Ross’ 280-acre “Promised Land” property in Georgia several times and started grazing in a neighbor’s field.

The neighbor was worried that the two-ton animals might endanger his young children. The neighbor — who shared photos of Ross’ buffalo on his property — confronted a member of Ross’ team about the buffalo, and later called local police about the situation. He said police told him it was a public dispute and no report was filed, TMZ reports.

Ross received the buffalo in March 2022 as a gift from his Ethika clothing line business partner Darius Burton. “We are gifting Ross this Buffalo after a discussion at his birthday party in January,” Burton said at the time. “I wanted to get him a giraffe but he wasn’t ready for that commitment so he asked us to start small, like a cow. I said no, everyone has a cow, I want you to have something that no one in your state has, I will give you a buffalo.”

“This is what I was talking about,” Ross added at the time. “All my life I wanted a cow. I got a cow!”

Move on

In 2021, Ross spoke to Car Battery about his passion for mowing lawns, spending hours on his factory tractor keeping things tidy on his estate north of Atlanta. “I like my food to be like a golf course,” Ross said. “When I find a great pattern, I cut it that way four or five times in a row. I just want to try different things, because your growth is only by cutting the grass straight. Here I have parts that go up and down the hills, and I love how it looks when you ride it up the hill. When the garden goes up the mountain, it is a beautiful place. When I do that, it’s like, ‘Man, you can’t pay for that.'”

However, that serious consideration in landscaping may have affected the ability of his buffaloes to eat. There is no word on whether Ross will build a fence to keep his buffalo from wandering off the property.

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