NewJeans’ Danielle named the new Yves Saint Laurent Beauty ambassador

On March 13, Vogue Korea posted a short photo to introduce the new ambassador d Yves Saint Laurent Beautiful – NewJeans agent Danielle.

Today, Vogue Korea announced that Danielle will work with the luxury brand to represent Yves Saint Laurent’s beauty products such as “the rising star and symbol of the MZ generation.”

The fashion magazine also featured Danielle’s new photo and video advertisement of YSL Candy Glaze lipstick.

Currently, the members of NewJeans have become a popular 4th generation K-pop girl group. Members have already been selected as ambassadors of various luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Guccc, Giorgio Armani, and more. Danielle has already joined the family of global ambassadors for Burberry and continues her campaigns around the world.

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