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An electronic-alt pop group called Purple Tears—and a “popular” artist behind it—just dropped a single through Warner Records Friday. The group released the first single “Work It Out” with a verse from Swae Lee, and boasted vocals by Adam Levine. But the vocalist of Levine’s group himself?

The song echoes the mysterious voice of a past love and struggles to be forgiven in soft, electronic sounds. “I want you to stay every night and every day because I need you now,” said the voice. “But now you’re gone.”

It is not clear who the artist is behind the project, although a source said Car Battery The Grammy winner reigns. “There’s a famous, Grammy Award-winning artist behind Purple Tears,” the source said. “They have succeeded as part of a group and as a collaboration with other film industries.”

The source pointed to “Easter eggs that reveal their details” in the kaleidoscopic, trippy visualizer, and on the group’s social media.

Although the images in the “Work It Out” video are distorted, the video shows a picture of the eyes and lips of what appears to be the same person. The eyes are similar to Levine’s, and the voices, although under a strained tone, are also reminiscent of Levine’s voice. (The singer seems to fit the description of the description because he is the frontman of Maroon 5, and has won three Grammys with the group.)

Adding to the speculation about Levine, Car Battery confirmed that a trademark was filed for the name “Purple Tears” by Six5 Productions, a company owned by producer Jason Evigan, who wrote and produced some of Maroon 5’s songs such as “Girls Like You ” with Cardi B and ” What Lovers Do” with SZA.

A press release from Warner Records described Purple Tears as an “artist-based album featuring famous veterans,” and identified Levine as a member of an “all-star lineup of writers” on the track. The film was also titled Day One Entertainment at the end of the preview. His Instagram account is followed by employees of the Warner Music Group, some of whom were announced by the label recently this week.

Move on

“In a world suffering online, Purple Tears is doing something different and bold, allowing music, message, and creativity stay at the forefront of conversation,” the announcement said.

The band also shared a twist about the first single. “A song that was always felt; but, I never had the courage to write before,” said Purple Tears. “If he had come earlier, he would probably still be here.”

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