BTS’ Jimin Releases ‘Intense’ Solo Single ‘Set Me Free Pt.2 – Billboard

Jimin’s solo career is taking off with the new release, “Set Me Free Pt.2”.

After being teased earlier in the week, the BTS star’s new single dropped at midnight, via HYBE LABELS, marking the first cut from his debut solo album. . EYES.

Filled with blistering beats and Auto-Audio vocals, “Set Me Free Pt.2” is accompanied by a very entertaining video.



See the latest videos, charts and news

See the latest videos, charts and news

Hosted by Oui Kim, Jimin is the center of attention, and at the heart of the action, as many dance moves to beautiful dramas.

“First, we tried to focus on the performance and show how powerful the song is,” Jimin said in an interview with Results on the new song and the new album.

“The main theme is freedom – and of course, we were drinking at that time. This is the last song on the album; the last feeling. It’s very strong, so I wanted to release a ‘Jimin solo’ ‘ in a useful way.

EYES should go on the 24th of March. On the same day, Jimin will also share the music video for the second song “Like Crazy,” which was co-written by his BTS friend RM.

Recently, Jimin scored his first solo song on the Billboard Hot 100 by joining Taeyang for the BIGBANG member’s new song “Vibe.” Earlier this month, the K-pop idol gave ARMY an early gift by uploading his solo songs “Promise” and “Christmas Love” to streaming services for the first time. (Both songs were previously only available for streaming on BTS Soundcloud or YouTube accounts.)

Watch “Set Me Free Pt.2” in full below.

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