Boosie Calls Out T-Pain for Saying 2Pac Would Get “Ate the F*** Up Lyrically” Today

In a recent appearance on DJ Akademiks’ Twitch streaming platform, T-Pain candidly stated that iconic West Coast rapper, 2Pac, would have “got his a*s ate the f*ck up, lyrically” if he were alive and in the prime years of his career in today’s day in age. This is an interesting statement because the 1990s is still considered by many hip-hop fans to be the golden era of lyricism in rap music. During a time when Nas, Biggie, Snoop Dogg, E-40, Redman, Big L, and all of the members of Wu-Tang Clan were in their prime, a decent argument can be made that 2Pac made the best albums and diss tracks . Nevertheless, T-Pain seemingly indicated today’s emcees would have overwhelmed the “Hit ‘Em Up” rapper before DJ Akademiks offered some slight pushback on the notion.

“Pac would have got killed sooner…and he would have got his a*s ate the f*ck up,” T-PaiN said, while streaming live with DJ Akademiks.

“Woah, woah, woah…what?!” Responded DJ Akademiks with a shocked look on his face.

“Lyricism-wise, Pac would have gotten ridiculously murdered. Because there’s n*ggas out for real,” T-Pain stated with confidence.

“By Who?” Asked DJ Akademiks

“Bro, Pac was a crazy lyricist at our time because ain’t nobody else had no platform,” T-Pain said.

When 2Pac was in his mid-20s, there were platforms such as Yo! MTV Raps, The Basement he BET, and The Source Magazine, all of which were in the heyday. But sadly, the rapper died in his prime, so we’ll never know if he would have evolved with the times like Jay-Z or what he would have said about today’s generation of rappers. But what isn’t debatable is that his music has withstood the test of time, and he is still just as relevant today as he ever was in the 90s. It remains to be seen how or if most Drill rappers will be remembered 25 years from now.

When Boosie caught wind of the “2Pac debate” between DJ Akademiks and T-Pain, he shared his thoughts by addressing the latter and defending the honor of one of hip-hop’s most influential artists of all time.

“2Pac was a great lyricist!!” Boosie wrote via Instagram. “U probably wouldn’t understand him if u never been through the struggles that this world brings!! [T-Pain] I disagree the lyrics n songs these days last a couple years n there gone because they don’t have meaning. The lyrics don’t touch your heart.”

Scroll up to watch DJ Akademiks and T-Pain debate 2Pac’s skills as a lyricist before Boosie chimes in with his opinion.

Source: Instagram

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