Blueface Covers Chrisean Rock’s Baby Shower

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Doubts about Chrisean’s baby…

I have to stick with my First BM!!!

Blueface coming to the realization that a boy and his girlfriend may be expecting a child Christian Rock …and the thought of being a new dad is keeping him up past bedtime!!!
The “Thotiana” rapper dropped what he created as a PSA after a night of entertainment and partying in Dubai. He focused on the endless debate about the duality between men and women, but it was clear that he was just wringing his hands on Chrisean’s pregnancy.
Apparently her threat was inspired by Chrisean posting a photo of her growing baby … something she didn’t celebrate. Instead, BF went on and on about women being more successful than men from double standards…saying it’s the power of their ‘P’ more than men.
What is indisputable is that Blue and Chrisean’s relationship is as rocky as ever – they broke up on Twitter, but she remained steadfast doubt he is the father his son.
Blueface praised it too Jaidyn Alexisthe mother of his 2 children, because of the quality of her last pregnancy, and because there are no strange men in her children.
On the other hand, he is calling Chrisean a “MeToo Bitch” running the streets.

Instagram / @bluefasebabyy

He finally signed up and decided to live his best life this morning on a boat, surrounded by a new crop of women who are obsessed with his desires.

Instagram / @chriseanrockbabyy

A confused Chrisean responds to Blue, but says he doesn’t know what his issues are…especially since he’s with her from another time zone!!!

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