6ix9ine Hits Baseball Game, Can Pay Him Back

6ix9ine is back in trouble after getting into a fight with a fan during a televised baseball game in Miami, Florida.

During the World Baseball Classic quarterfinals game between Mexico and Puerto Rico on Friday (March 17), the rainbow-haired man waved the Mexican flag on the island. the people who represent his ancestry. As he did so, many fans stood up and turned him away. From there, an unknown man threw a can of beer in his direction.

When he was almost hit by the can, 6ix9ine continued to wave the flag before an unknown person approached him causing him to stop. According to Brandinghe was relocated by park officials after the incident.

Baseball reporter Aram Leighton found footage of the incident and said it happened because people didn’t like the 26-year-old rapper.

Check out photos of the event below:

6ix9ine (real name Daniel Hernandez) has been in the news for all the wrong reasons since the beginning of the year. In February, 6ix9ine crashed his Rolls-Royce Phantom at an unknown location.

A clip showed the rapper on the phone trying to find a way out of the scary situation as he was surrounded by street help for his orange car.

“Yeah, baby, pull me up quick – I fell,” she can be heard telling someone on the phone. “N-gga, I will send you my location. Alas, n-gga.”

Boosie Badazz Urges Funk Flex To Back 6ix9ine Boycott: ‘Ban them all rats’

In the same month, the “GUMMO” rapper was involved in a fight with the brother of Anuel AA.

A video was shared by Akademiks on Instagram last month, but little was known about what caused the heated conflict between 6ix9ine and other people in the clip.

Although neither party responded to the video, Anuel AA became very hot in 2020 after continuing to be friends with the Brooklyn rapper after he cooperated with federal authorities earlier that year .

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