X-Men’s Kid Omega returns with a radically different look

Quentin Quire/Kid Omega returns X-Force with a radical change, as the character has now become an old man.

CBR can exclusively debut Joshua Cassara’s cover art and promotional details for Marvel’s X-Force #41 by Benjamin Percy and artist Paul David. The issue features the return of Kid Omega, who mysteriously disappeared from existence in 2022. X-Force #29 (percy, Robert Gill, Guru-eFX and VC’s Joe Caramagna); however, the character has aged since he was last seen, as Quentin is now an elderly man.

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X-Force #41

  • Once KID OMEGA returns to X-FORCE! But where has he been? And where will he take the team? Mysteries will be revealed as BEAST’s dark agenda is fully revealed! (Tip: Any X LIVES OF WOLVERINE fans might want this too!)
  • On sale 21.6

X-Force: What happened to Kid Omega?

“When we last saw Kid Omega – over a year ago – he had sacrificed himself to save his fellow mutants from the threat of Cerebrax (a sentient form of cerebro that devours minds and powers),” Percy said. “She disappeared. Completely. All traces of her disappeared from the cradle. And we were left wondering: was she dead or…? It turns out that ‘or…’ is the answer. And she’s been gone much longer than a year, like that the long beard and bald head and bent back are revealing. Quentin Quire has always put the Kid in Kid Omega: he’s selfish, immature, prone to tantrums. But he’s also deeply insecure and unable to process the trauma he’s endured or properly use the powers he’s been given. But Old Man Omega might be another story. He’s been on a mission—a mission spanning centuries—and he’s about to recruit X-Force to fight what might be the wildest and weirdest story I’ve written: ‘The Ghost Calendars,’ a perfect entry point for new readers.”

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In X-Force #29, Quentin joined several other characters including Domino, Omega Red, and Wolverine to fight Cerebrax after the device became sentient and began killing mutants on Krakoa. Kid Omega made a powerful blast that finally defeated the enemy; although the attempt proved successful, Quentin was nowhere to be seen after the explosion. “He’s gone,” Sage said, which meant he couldn’t be brought back using the island’s resurrection protocols. “All of him. He’s been wiped from all the cradles of Cerebro. It’s like he was never there.”

X-Force #41 will be released on the 21st. June 2023, Marvel.

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