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Ratna Pathak Shah, who is the daughter of actress Dina Pathak, started gaining notice as an actress in the popular TV series Idhar Udhar in the 1980s. The actor, who turns 66 on Saturday, March 18, has now acted for more than four decades on stage, in films and on television. But when she was just starting out and dating another actor, Naseeruddin Shah, they both had a funny but awkward encounter at a fancy overpriced restaurant with little money. Read also: Ratna Pathak Shah says ‘sadi hui formula films’ don’t work anymore, Actors of all ages get jobs

Old black and white photograph of Ratna Pathak Shah and Naseeruddin Shah.

Ratna and Naseeruddin Shah dated for a few years before tying the knot on 2 April 1982. They have two sons, Imaad Shah and Vivaan Shah, who are also actors. The actor has a daughter, actress Heeba Shah, from his first marriage. Ratna recalled a near-awkward encounter at a Mumbai restaurant that left them checking their wallets for the bill. The restaurant also had a sexist habit of having separate menus for men and women, which added to the confusion.

In AlB’s 2017 podcast hosted by comedians Sumukhi Suresh and Kaneez Surka, Ratna shared how her then-boyfriend Naseeruddin accidentally ordered too many things from the menu during a fancy dinner date. He said, “These fancy restaurants used to have two menu cards. One for women and one for men. The one for women didn’t have prices and the one for men did. This was the Taj (If I may say so.) When we first went together (Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak) , we had 400. We went to this dinner and we were just starting out in life and we didn’t have much money. I accidentally got a menu card with money and Naseer got a menu card without money so he ordered left and right. And finally, when the waiter went away, I told him and then we started counting our money.”

Ratna recently made her film debut in the Gujarati film Kutch Express. The actor has already appeared earlier this year in the Netflix web series Trial By Fire. She currently stars as the matriarch of a tight-knit Gujarati family in the Prime Video comedy series Happy Family: Conditions Apply.

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