Tim Allen Knows Why Disney’s ‘Lightyear’ Flopped: It Has “No Relationship, No Connection” To ‘Toy Story’

Weeks after his friend Patricia Heaton shared her own heated take, Tim Allen is breaking his silence on Disney’s new Lightyear movie. The actor, who starred as Buzz Lightyear in several Toy Story films since originating the role in the first 1995 movie, said he doesn’t see any traces of his character in Chris Evans’ new rendering of Buzz.

When asked about the new film, which tells the Buzz Lightyear origin story, Allen said extra, “The short answer is I’ve stayed out of this ’cause it has nothing to do [with my Buzz].”

Despite his lack of involvement with the new movie, Allen still had plenty to say about it, and told Extra he and the original team behind the first Toy Story films had discussed a similar concept years ago.

“We talked about this many years ago, it came up in one of the sessions, I said, what a fun movie that would be. … the brass that did the first four movies is not this,” Allen said. “This is a whole new team that really has nothing to do with the first movies. I thought it was a live action, when they said they were doing a live action … you know, real humans, not an animated thing.”

Lightyear also doesn’t include others Toy Story characters, Allen pointed out, including Woody, the cowboy voiced by Tom Hanks in the original film.

“And as Hanks and I — there’s really no Toy Story Buzz without Woody,” Allen said.

Although he praised Lightyear as a “wonderful story,” Allen said he did not see the link between it and his own Toy Story work. “It just doesn’t seem to have any connection to the toy, and it’s a little…I don’t know,” he said. “It just has no relationship to Buzz. It’s just no connection. I wish there was a better connection to it.”

While it’s clear Allen isn’t a fan of Lightyearat least he was a bit more diplomatic than Heaton, who ripped Pixar last month for “castrating” Buzz by casting Evans in the role.

Hear Allen’s full comments in the video above.


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