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Actress Swara Bhasker and Samajwadi Party’s Fahad Ahmad have shared glimpses of their recent pre-wedding engagements. The couple had a legal marriage and said they filed their papers on January 6 under the Special Marriage Act. They recently celebrated various pre-wedding events like haldi, mehendi and Sangeet with their loved ones. In a new interview, Swara and Fahad talked about planning a wedding celebration that was “common to both traditions”. Read also: Swara Bhasker, Fahad Ahmad in green sangeet show off their mehendi. See the pictures

Swara and Fahad said they were both “very aware and proud” of their identities as Hindus and Muslims respectively. They talked about how functions like haldi, mehendi and sangeet happen in both Hindu and Muslim weddings. Swara and Fahad said that as an “interfaith couple who don’t convert”, they can only get married in court, which they have done. At the wedding party, they wanted to “build a joint party tradition”.

Talking about the wedding, the couple said in an interview with Times of India, “We are both very aware and proud of our identity and nobody wants to change anybody. We planned things that are common to both our traditions. Haldi is something that happens to both. In Muslims it is called ubtan. Mehendi happens on both sides. The sangeet happens on both sides. In India, an interfaith couple who doesn’t convert can only get married in court under the Special Marriage Act. That’s what we’ve done. Now we’re trying to build a common celebration tradition.”

Swara Bhasker and Fahad Ahmad also recalled the first time they saw each other. Although Fahad said he first saw Swara in her film Raanjhanaa (2013), the actor said his first memory of their meeting is of her talking about a protest and him fixing a microphone. Fahad said, “Pehli Baar maine inhe Raanjhanaa mein dekha (I saw her for the first time in Raanjhanaa) and I really liked her way of acting. I didn’t know who she was and I Googled her… We met on 19th December 2019, for the first time. August There was an anti-CAA protest at Kranti Maidan and someone said to me, ‘Madam (Swara) kaafi krantikari hain toh inko bulao (He is a revolutionary, you should call him ).’”

Swara recalled how she got lost when she arrived at the rally, saying “August’s Kranti Maidan is huge”. The actor said that when he somehow managed to get on stage, he had no idea what Fahad looked like and asked on stage, “Fahad kaun hai (who is Fahad)?” He said she looked very confused while fixing the microphone when he finally met her. The two reportedly met again at another rally and soon became friends. Swara said they discussed politics because they had “similar values”.

More than a year after they first met, they said they started talking to each other about their personal lives in 2021. Swara said that while it never occurred to her that there was anything more than friendship with Fahad, her friends started asking about her. , and tell him that “this guy has a crush on you.” Swara added that after enough needling from her friend, when she finally decided to ask Fahad what their “scene” was, he told her that he was “very into” her. Swara remembered that Fahad had told her to wait for a year and a half so that he would become financially stable and they could get married.

On February 16, Swara Bhasker announced her marriage plans with Fahad Ahmad on Twitter. He also shared the timeline of their relationship. He shared their photos from the court and said they opted for a legal marriage and filed their papers on January 6 under the Special Marriage Act. The actress has been sharing pictures and videos of her wedding celebrations on Instagram and Twitter.

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