Prey Star Amber Midthunder cried “Tears of Anxiety” when she landed the role

Actress Amber Midthunder went through a phase of serious self-doubt before taking on the lead role Out of pityhit Predator fore part.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Midthunder explained that he even cried at the prospect of landing Naru, a young 18th-century Comanche healer who would rather be a hunter and ends up proving himself against a brutal enemy from outer space. . He noted that they “were not excited tears, they were scared, anguished tears.” He said the project felt so big “that I was like, I don’t want to do it. I just want to stay home and let somebody else do it. Let somebody else do this movie.”

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Amber Midthunder steps into the iconic franchise

He admitted that this reaction was at odds with the tough characters he often portrays on screen. “It’s funny because really often I’m afraid of everything.” However, like Naru, he likes the challenge and appreciates the rewards. “It’s scary to go out into the world and do things. I’ve learned that every time I’ve done something that has scared me, I’ve walked out with a huge sense of accomplishment for myself.”

Out of pity was an instant success for streamer Hulu and its international distributor Star, becoming the highest-rated film in the series. Although 20th Century Fox had been trying for decades to translate the original 1987 Predator Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in the blockbuster franchise, none of its three sequels lived up to expectations. Now that franchising is more popular than in a long time, Out of pity Director Dan Trachtenberg has confirmed that he has ideas for a sequel, although no official announcement has been made. Midthunder has expressed interest in reprising his role.

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Prey’s show about indigenous peoples

Over Out of pityMidthunder is best known for his recurring roles on the critically acclaimed Marvel series Legion and sci-fi drama Roswell, New Mexico, which ran for four seasons on the CW. He is a Native American on his father’s side, Out of pity Portraying the Comanche culture and the reaction of the Native American community was his main concern when he accepted the role Predator concession.

He previously stated, “I feel like that’s what the movie was for and that’s what the movie was about, for it to come out like that and for the Comanche people to respond well and for the native people in general to respond. well, it was a huge relief.”

Out of pity currently streaming on Hulu.

Source: Teen Vogue

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