‘Bottoms’ – SXSW Studio – Deadline


Warrant: Headlines

Instructors: Emma Seligman

Writers: Emma Seligman and Rachel Sennott

Logical: The soles, a refreshingly unique raunchy comedy centered around two girls, PJ and Josie, who start a fight club to lose their virginity to cheerleaders. Their strange plan works. The fight club gains traction and soon the most popular girls in the school are beating each other up in the name of self-defense. But PJ and Josie find themselves in over their heads and need a way out before their plans are revealed.

Panelists: Starring Rachel Sennott, Emma Seligman, Ayo Edebiri, Ruby Cruz, Havana Rose Liu, Kaia Gerber, Miles Fowler

Premiere: March 11, 2023

Key quotes: Seligman: “Our goal was to make a weird teen story that wasn’t traumatic and also wasn’t cute, serious, like a non-sexual story. It felt really liberating to be able to share something with messier, real teenagers.”

Sennott: “It was rewarding to do something so stupid.”

Edebiri: “It’s fun and liberating, and stupidity is a political act.”

SXSW’s Deadline Studio takes place from 10th to 13th. March, where the cast and creatives behind this year’s best and buzziest titles sit down with Deadline’s festival team to discuss their films and the paths they took to get to Austin, Texas.

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