Ezra Miller goes full Charles Manson as they house three minors at a gun-filled farm

From one mess to the next one with Ezra Miller, who is allegedly hosting a 25-year-old woman with her three young children at their farm in Vermont. That recent piece comparing them to Charles Mason becomes more relevant by the minute with these latest revelations.

The father of those three children spoke to Rolling Stone about the dire situation he is currently living. Apparently, Miller met this woman during their time in Hawaii and booked plane tickets for her and her three children to visit their farm in Vermont. The concerned father revealed he hasn’t confronted Ezra since his children left to their farm out of fear they might witness something traumatic.

Rolling Stone dug deeper and found information from two different sources that can attest to the father’s claims. Inside the 96-acre farm Miller has in Vermont, there are reported unattended guns all over the place and one of these sources stated a child picked up a loose bullet and put it in her mouth.

This is clearly an extremely unsafe environment for anybody, let alone children with all those guns lying around. If this report doesn’t go to the authorities quickly, they should also be held responsible for not doing something to stop it Miller. If something happens to those children, things can escalate very quickly inside that farm.

Has Ezra Miller responded to these claims?

So far, none of Ezra Miller’s representatives have been able to respond or offer any comment on these claims. The more time passes with these children spending time in that farm, the more endangered their lives will be. None of the people that was talked about on Rolling Stone’s article wanted to reveal their identity because this will quickly turn into a police investigation.

We can already expect the authorities to search for Ezra Miller’s farm and try to arrest him as soon as possible. The actor has already been accused of numerous crimes that include kidnapping, grooming underage womenassault and others.


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