Celebrity search results on Google may soon look very different

Google is experimenting with a new way of presenting key information about celebrities

Source: Google

As ever, Google Search is experimenting with various changes, and one is a new series of rich cards that could appear at the top of your results when you search for a celebrity’s name. These rich cards would give you more key information around your search quicker than the current design sitting above the news box, further SERP results, and even before the About box that appears on the right-hand side to give you key information.


The feature is being tested now, although it isn’t available for anyone on the Android Police team, and it’s unclear how many people are part of the test. It was spotted by SEO consultant Brodie Clark who noted the changes on their website, and they’ve spotted the test on search results for four different celebrities. The four examples all show five cards, with the first being the largest on the left with a big image of the celebrity and a brief overview using information from their Wikipedia page.

The following four rich cards appear to fluctuate depending on other popular searches for each celebrity. The Oprah Winfrey card shows net worth, two news stories, and an interview on YouTube. For Snoop Dogg, one card shows his age; another shows a YouTube video of one of his songs, and the other two are for news articles. Interestingly, these don’t seem to be time sensitive as one of these is an interview from 2021.

It’s a similar setup for Tony Hawk with two news articles, his age, and a Vanity Fair interview with him on YouTube. Rapper Doja Cat’s page is also part of the experiment, and one of these boxes is dedicated to the artist’s full name. The other cards show a news story, and then two music videos directly from their YouTube.

These new rich cards sit above the SERP results and all the other elements you’d expect on a page like this as news stories, and the “People also ask” feature. Some of the tests jump straight to the SERP results with Snoop Dogg’s page starting with his Wikipedia page. Google still includes its rounded pill buttons above these new rich cards that give you quick links to other details such as their albums, videos, events, news, and more.

We don’t yet know if there’s an experiment for Google’s mobile design of celebrity search results. It’s also unclear if this experiment will eventually roll out to all users, or if this is just a test from the company that won’t become the norm. However, it does seem helpful for quickly giving you the key information about a celebrity. The larger photo of the celebrity is particularly useful, and the quick links make it much easier to get to their crucial information quickly.

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