Aaron Carter’s dog finally gets a new home

Aaron Carter’s dog has successfully relocated to a new residence, and according to reports, she will be living with a member of his fiance’s family.

The day after Aaron passed away, Melanie’s sister Jennifer Martin and her fianc Max informed TMZ that they had taken in Zelda, a 3-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd.

When Zelda was discovered, she appeared shocked and uneasy. Zelda was in the room with Aaron when he passed away.

Zelda’s journey has finally come to an end

Melanie was going through a lot after Aaron’s passing, so it just felt appropriate, said Jennifer and Max, adding that Zelda has been doing much better since the horrific event. The pair launched a TikTok channel for Zelda’s journey.

They don’t want any more puppies, but Zelda won’t get fixed. Zelda has already produced two litters. They are concerned that the surgery may alter her personality because she has already gone through a lot.

When Aaron died, he also had a puppy named Karma, although Karma wasn’t as distraught as Zelda was. She reportedly went to a coworker of Jennifer’s after being rehomed.

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