The Daily Aubrey-Maturin: Treason’s Harbor (Book 9), Chapters 9-10 (pg. 3152-3220)


The Surprise is to be decommissioned, which makes Aubrey quite sad and he chooses not to share the news with anyone other than Stephen. But first, they have a mission to complete, a short escort run across the Ionian Sea.

Along the way, Aubrey learns that the Blackwater, the new ship that was promised to him has been assigned to someone else. And there’s even a bigger surprise, Mr. Fielding has been rescued! He refuses Aubrey’s invitation to his ship on account of the rumors between Aubrey and Mrs Fielding and challenges him to a duel as you do, while Maturin worries that this will throw his grand plans of planting information via Mrs Fielding into disarray — and also threaten Mrs Fielding’s life.


They hurry back to Malta but another ship and news travels faster. Maturin’s able to protect Mrs. Fielding from the French agents by taking her on to the Surpriseand in the process spots what he believes to be the source of the leak — but cannot run this by Wray (who’s probably still the actual source) but who happens to be off-island in Sicily, conveniently.

Aubrey & Co aren’t staying long however, with a super-secret mission to escort Admiral Harte home to England in the Pollux. Only “8 or 9” people know of this mission, as per Maturin, so when they run into a trap set by French and Turkish ships in the harbor of the island of Zembra (thus the title of the book), a watering spot, it does narrow the field of suspects down. The Pollux (with 500 men onboard, presumably including Harte) are blown up in the engagement, but Aubrey’s able to scrape free and make a run for it to Gibraltar.

And thus ends book 9, “Treason’s Harbour”. Next up, book 10, “The Far Side of the World”, from which the movie takes its name.





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