NewsHour staff members discuss new books they have written

Judy Woodruff:

If, by chance, you are looking for something good to read this summer, you might start with a book written by our very own “NewsHour” staff.

Three of our colleagues are out now with a memoir, a novel, and a nonfiction book, all in very different styles.

Jeffrey Brown spoke with them for our arts and culture series, Canvas.

The title is irresistible, “You Cannot Resist Me When My Hair Is in Braids,” a book of short essays, prose poems and sketches, in which Frances Kai-Hwa Wang writes of raising multiracial children after a divorce and navigating the current cultural and political climate, especially as an Asian American woman. Wang is based in the greater Detroit area, as part of the “NewsHour”‘s Communities Initiative, a reporting project to bring undertold stories from around the country.

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, Author, “You Cannot Resist Me When My Hair Is in Braids”: It’s a collection of stories inspired by the wisdom of my multiracial children, the feistiness of my bossy Asian American aunties, and the humor of unreliable suitors .

And it’s all set against the backdrop of kind of an uncertain political landscape that we have had for the last few years.

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