Goosebumps Author RL Stine Explains Why He Feels ‘Lucky’ About The Adaptations Of His Books

For the generations of kids who discovered scary stories at a young age, RL Stine will always be the king of children’s and young adult horror. The success of the Fear Street trilogy proved the power of Stine’s stories early on, but his biggest claim to fame comes from his landmark book series Goosebumps, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The book series’ popularity led to the beloved anthology series of the same name. With various adaptations of his works throughout the decades, the Goosebumps the author explained why he feels lucky about them.

The horror fiction writer has experienced multiple adaptations of his books. Right now, there’s a new one Goosebumps adaptation being developed for Disney+. So, Stine is always open to seeing his work on the screen. After seeing his work interpreted over the years, you might think that the children’s author might have major critiques. That’s far from the truth, as he explained to THR why he loved each one:

No, I’ve been so lucky. The two Goosebumps movies were actually good! And the TV series that I’ve had — The Haunting Hour, [Disney+ series] Just Beyond and the Goosebumps [television] series — they were all really good quality series. I’ve been very lucky with that stuff because I don’t get that much input on these things.

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