Someone Made A Giant Portrait Of Eddie Munson In An Indiana Cornfield –

If you binged season 4 of Stranger Things a few weeks ago, then you’ll know that Eddie Munson (played by actor Joseph Quinn) stole the show with his charming personality and of course his rockin’ performance in the Upside Down.

Crop artist Stan Herd decided to keep Eddie’s spirit alive by installing an enormous 1-acre corn art piece bearing the character’s likeness in a field “somewhere in Indiana.” It’s a circular crop art portrait depicting Eddie in his Hellfire t-shirt with the words “EDDIE MUNSON 4 EVER.” You can see a video of the installation here:

The Stranger Things YouTube account just posted the epic 1-minute video titled “Eddie, This Is For You” on July 13. It is of course set to Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” in honor of Eddie shredding the song in the Upside Down. The drone video flies over the enormous corn art piece at multiple angles so you can appreciate it from every side, although it doesn’t specify exactly where it is in Indiana. The description reads, “Eddie Munson: Master of Puppets, Master of D&D and Master of our hearts.”

Stan Herd is the artist responsible for creating the stunning portrait. Herd is a crop artist and painter from Kansas known for “earthworks,” also known as “land art,” which use natural materials found on-site to create large-scale masterpieces. In the past he has created portraits of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and John Lewis, although he is also known for landscapes.

We can’t get enough of this amazing portrait of Eddie. This year is his year…we can feel it.

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