SAMURAI JACK Creator Genndy Tartakovsky Shares Original Sketches For The Ending Of The Series — GeekTyrant

Gennady Tartakovsky is a legend in the world of animation, he’s just so damn great at what he does! The guy is a talented powerhouse who is a master at visual storytelling. Samurai Jack is one of his greatest accomplishments. Fans loved this epic show, which ran for five seasons.

The first four seasons of the series ran on Cartoon Network, and then years later he finally got to bring his story to an end with Season 5 on Adult Swim, which came with a much darker tone and it was also more violent. I loved that final season!

Tartakovsky has taken the opportunity to share with fans a look at the original sketches that he came up with for the ending of the series. These are just little storyboard thumbnails, but I love seeing this kind of stuff! This was the first step in bringing his vision of the ending of Samurai Jack.

The art came with the following note from Tartakovsky, “Just found my original thumbnails to the ending of Samurai Jack…”

It was such a beautiful yet tragic ending because as Jack defeats Aku, the victory is hollow because it meant losing the love of his life. Check out the sketches below and let us know what you think!

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