Andrew Tate’s rep shames haters mocking ‘Full Head of Hair’ while in jail


Andrew Tate

Focus on justice, not hair

Andrew Tate is being pulled after claiming he’s grown a “full head of hair” while behind bars … but his rep says people should focus on him getting justice instead of hair issues.
A rep for Tate tells TMZ … “The peculiar online fascination with Andrew’s hair has proven that as a society we care less about the potential dangers of false accusations and more about how people look.”
You remember, Tate’s used the past few months in a Romanian prison after being accused of rape and running a human trafficking business … and his latest tweet in late February has taken off.
He wrote about being shocked by his reflection, adding “I hardly recognized myself A long beard, a full head of hair” … but a recent picture of him abroad with thinning hair caused people to go hard on his claims .
One Twitter troll says he’s stretching the truth, while another jokes that Andrew may have seen the reflection of his brother Tristanwho has also been arrested and just got confused.
He’s been very emotional lately online, even tweeting about when he “almost cried” while behind bars.
FYI — Tate lost his recent appeal when the court decided to extend his detention for 30 days — this is the third time.

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