‘The Challenge’ star Nelson Thomas thanks KJ Osborn for the role in Crash Rescue

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‘Challenge’ star Nelson Thomas

Thanks KJ Osborn for helping out

… In Fiery Crash Rescue

Nelson Thomas – a star on MTV’s “The Challenge” – has just revealed that he is the NFL player KJ Osborn and three others helped get out of a fiery car crash earlier this month … thanked the group for saving his life.
As we previously reported, the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver said he was in an Uber on his way home from a practice in Austin, Texas on March 5th … when he saw a car that had crashed and caught fire.

Osborn, his driver and two others rushed to help … and was able to pull the man away from the fire.
As it turns out, it was Thomas that the group of heroes saved…and he gives each of them a shout out.
“I want to thank (KJ) for being on the scene and filming my rescue,” Thomas said in a tweet … adding that he is “eternally grateful” to the other three for getting him out of the car and “risk their own lives to save mine.”
Thomas also shared photos of his injuries from the hospital bed – which appear to be cuts and burns on his ankle and arm – and says he’s doing well and getting stronger, but has a ways to go before he gets back to 100 %.
“Words cannot explain how grateful I am to be alive,” Thomas said. “God is really great and he has you in his hands no matter who you are.”
Get well soon, Nelson.

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