Odell Beckham, Jr. seems to indicate that he has only been offered $4 million per year

As mentioned earlier in the day, any free agent who remains available this far into the process has likely overshot his market. Among them is receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.

And while he seems to dispute the notion that he had actually outperformed the market, he certainly seems to think he’s been beaten down.

“I’m just so confused where the quote is from me I want 20…😭🙄 all I’m saying is 4 AINT enough,” Beckham tweeted.

Multiple reports have indicated that he has been looking for $20 million a year. Of course, it’s not something Beckham would ever say directly to teams; his agents would be the ones making the request.

Maybe they’re looking for $20 million to get teams up to $15 million. Regardless, nothing seems to get teams to reach higher than $4 million.

Beckham trained eight days ago for all interested teams. A dozen appeared. Since then, he has spoken to teams. And he doesn’t seem to like what he’s heard.

A $4 million offer certainly seems low, especially if it’s not coupled with an incentive package that would allow Beckham to earn much more if he plays well. The overriding question remains whether he’ll take a one-year deal, prove himself again and hope to make something much more than $4 million a year in 2024.

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