Ex-Pro Surfer Surfs 40 hours, breaks record for world’s longest session

Former Pro Surfer Blake Johnston

Smashes the world’s longest surf session record

Surfing 40 hours!!!

Former professional surfer Blake Johnston surfed 40 hours and smashed the previous record for the world’s longest surf session on Friday…and it was all for a good cause!
The Australian surf trainer took to the water during the early hours of Thursday morning (around 1am) and surfed over 600 waves before leaving the H20 around 1am. 17.
Johnston didn’t just shred for almost 2 days straight for fun, he raised money to support the mental health of young people in Australia. It’s a cause near and dear to the surfer’s heart … he lost his father to suicide 10 years ago. In an effort to bring in as much as possible, Blake teamed up with Chumpy Pullin Foundation.
Blake was able to continue surfing after the sun went down thanks to the help of some spotlights. Doctors monitoring Blake’s health were also on standby in case he needed medical attention.
Hundreds of spectators turned out to witness the historic moment and Johnston admitted he was “pretty fired up” after breaking the record.
“Thanks everyone, you’re the best,” Blake said after exiting the ocean. “Everyone deserves to feel amazing, deserves to take care of yourselves. Good for you.”

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