‘Euphoria’ star Jacob Elordi gets protection from alleged stalker

Jacob Elordi is scared … he says a male fan with a criminal history keeps showing up at his home with unwanted gifts and even though he’s told the guy to scram, the guy professes his love for him.
The “Euphoria” star took it to court Monday to get a restraining order against the 61-year-old Robert Dennis Furowho he claims has been stalking him.
In the documents obtained by TMZ, Jacob says Furo stopped by his Hollywood home twice in February to leave gifts … cakes, a bouquet of roses, candy and a handwritten note … although Jacob says that He has never met the guy before.
Jacob claims the first incident happened on February 5, when he went out to walk his dog with a friend and came home to find a bag of cookies hanging over a side gate facing the street.
He claims he threw the food away, but a few minutes later Furo was in his yard calling out Jacob’s name, professing his love and saying he was happy to see Jacob’s “stupid ugly face.”
Jacob says he confronted the guy and told him to beat it. When the guy finally left, Jacob says he ran outside to get his license plate and then called the police.
A few weeks later, Jacob claims he came home from running errands to find flowers, candy, and a note in his backyard … and he says he has Furo on security footage entering his property 3 times in 30 minutes that day.
Jacob submitted a copy of the note in the archive and it reads … “Jacob, I wanted to apologize 3 Saturday ago. Hope to catch you. Wanted you to let me know if you sent. I found you on a beautiful Saturday afternoon completely organic without address without getting lost like this time. Would it be possible if you could call. My hands are shaking.”
It sounds scary… Jacob says he thinks Furo is monitoring his home or tracking his location… because he says the guy only shows up when he leaves the house. He says that he is now shooting a film and is afraid to come back home.
Jacob says he heard Furo has a rap sheet and claims he’s the same guy Nicholas Cage said burst into his house back in 2007, waking Nick in the middle of the night wearing only one of Cage’s leather coats.
What’s more, Jacob says Furo keeps posting on social media about how he loves him … and he says he’s afraid Furo’s behavior could escalate.
The judge signed a temporary restraining order … and it calls for Furo to stop trying to contact Jacob and stay at least 100 yards away from Jacob, his house, car and job.

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