Chris Rock’s ‘Whipped’ Joke About Will Smith Could Make Netflix Special

Chris Rock

‘Whipped’ joke about Will Smith …

Might Air on Netflix Special

Chris Rock is set to talk about tonight’s Oscar bash in a new comedy special, but some of his material appears to have already leaked … including a joke about watching Will Smith suffering on film — which, if the Internet is to be believed, he would do well to avoid.
Here’s the deal … we all know Chris’ live Netflix show is going down tonight and everyone expects him to discuss the slapping at length for the first time, publicly, on his own terms. The problem … he’s been working off his jokes on this topic for months, and a particular bit he recently did about Will was widely reported this week … and Twitter isn’t feeling it.

Chris Rock can make all the jokes he wants about Will Smith, but making a joke about saying “I only watched Emancipation to see Will Smith get whipped” in a room of mostly white people is disgusting.

— ⚜️ (@rayethequeen) March 3, 2023

Baltimore Sun came out with a story about a comedy show Chris did there in mid-February … where he reportedly touched base at the Oscars and told the audience, “The other day I saw ‘Emancipation,’ just so I could see him stay whipped.”
Of course, he’s referring to Will’s character from the movie – a runaway slave named “Whipped Peter” who was infamously depicted in a photo from the 1800s with scars on his back.
That quote has been making the rounds for the past few days, and now … Chris Rock is trending for all the wrong reasons because it seems like a good majority of people have turned against him.
Whereas he had sympathy in the wake of the slapping — especially for how he handled it — a lot of time has passed … and a lot of people have aired their grievances against Chris since then … including the idea that he might have had it coming — harsh, but that’s a POV out there.
Now, in light of this new joke that may or may not make the special … even more people are groaning, especially if he’s actually working on it. It seems some feel it’s excessive to lean in the way he appears to be doing – – and not only that, but many feel that him capitalizing on the ugly moment a full year later is daunting. And yet Chris is power forward … just like Netflix.
Time will tell what Chris does on stage. Like we said, this is live – but if he cares about public opinion (which he usually doesn’t), he might want to check Twitter right away.😬

The Netflix special, “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage,” starts at 10 p.m. ET.

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