Ben Affleck’s On Cloud Nine Amid ‘Air’ Debut, JLo Flick on Horizon

Ben Affleck

I am so GD happy with my life right now!

‘Air’ Rocks, JLo in Next 🎥

Ben Affleck is on top of the world lately — making movies with his best mate and having his wife star in movies he produces … which he says is the pinnacle of success and happiness.
The actor-director sat down with CBS Sunday Morning to talk about his new film, “Air,” which follows the story of Nike signing Michael Jordan to his legendary shoe deal … and just debuted at SXSW this weekend to great fanfare reviews and thunderous applause.

CBS Sunday morning

The film stars Ben and Matt Damon, and the reunion has really had an illuminating effect on BA — as you can tell in this interview. He talks about how chasing money in showbiz (or any biz, really) isn’t the key to fulfillment, as he says he’s found.
Instead, he says that he has realized that right now … he is most happy. That’s because he loved coming to work on this “Air” movie—hanging out with his childhood BFF and collaborating, seeing his kids more often, and doing projects he’s actually passionate about.

That brings the conversation to Ben and Matt’s new production company – Artists Equity – which guarantees the subpar crew members a bigger slice of the pie…unlike traditional studios.
“Air” is AE’s first film (which is distributed by Amazon), and they already have another sports movie in the works … which will feature Jennifer Lopez. Ben addresses the apparent nepotism here in the interview … and insists he got the best actors for the job, including her.
There’s more in it entire interview … just like what MJ himself wanted in terms of requirements. One of those questions that Ben shares was that Viola Davis play his mother – and she does.
Good to see Ben is in his element and doing what he wants. Dude has earned it!

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