Backstage news on what AEW tells talent not to say and do on TV

Saraya, Toni Storm and Ruby Soho, collectively known as The Outcasts, pulled no punches in their promo segment on this week’s “AEW Dynamite”, insulting both the AEW locker room and the crowd to make AEW an unlivable place for them to thrive. in.

“Y’all should kiss the ground we walk on. Without us, there wouldn’t be an AEW women’s division,” Saraya said in the promo.

At the time, the Winnipeg crowd greeted The Outcasts with loud boos, prompting Saraya to refer to them as “a bunch of neckbeard-stinking tv*ts.”

The use of the word “tw*t” got Saraya in hot water with AEW management. Shortly after Wednesday’s show, Saraya tweeted that she “was fined for saying Tw*t on live TV.” something that fans perceived as a story result. However, according to Fightful Select, Saraya was legally fined and the proceeds went to the “AEW Together” projects.

The report added that Saraya “privately apologized” to AEW higher-ups, and there was a mass email sent out to talent noting that Saraya had been “fined for profanity and using a middle finger without informing the trainer about the segment. ” The name of the coach/producer of the segment was not mentioned in the report.

The email also discouraged AEW talent from “freaking out audience members and defacing the crowd” — the kind of behavior commonly associated with AEW World Champion MJF over the past few years.

While Fightful didn’t specify whether a recent incident triggered AEW’s stricter policy on profanity, it’s worth highlighting that MJF was heavily criticized on social media for dumping a glass of water on a young fan at AEW Revolution. Afterwards, AEW president Tony Khan revealed that he “had a serious conversation” with MJF about the incident and made it clear that such behavior “would not be taken lightly” going forward.

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