Returns On $100 Invested In Revlon Stock If It Hits Record High

Retail-investor buzz has been building around Revlon Inc REV. The latest news is that Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries is mulling a purchase of the ailing cosmetics maker, which recently filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, facing heavy debt.

Shares of the 90-year-old company shot up over 34% on Wednesday.

The Investment

If the surging Revlon stock price prompted an investor shares to invest in the struggling company, they should note that the touched an all-time high of $560.60 way back on April 21, 1998.

If an investor entered Revlon stock by investing $100 on Wednesday when the stock closed at $8.40, here’s how much they would have if it went back to its record peak again.

Investment Date Of Purchase/Listing Purchase Amount Purchase Price Units/Shares Obtained Worth If Shares Return To ATH Percentage Change
Revlon Stock June 22, 2022 $100 $8.40 11.90 $6,673.81 6573.81%

The investor would turn a profit of 6,573.81% and the $100 would have transformed into $6,673.81.

A Retail Darling In Making

The makeup company was seen trending across social media platforms on Wednesday. It has also emerged as a short squeeze candidate. On Wednesday, data from Fintel, revealed that 37.3% of Revlon stock were shorted.

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