Prime Minister Shehbaz announces good news for petrol consumers

A photo of motorists queuing to fill up with petrol outside a petrol pump in Rawalpindi on January 1, 2023. — Online

LAHORE: In a surprise relief to the inflation-hit masses, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday said that people belonging to the low-income sector will get a subsidy of Rs.50. oil relief package.

The announcement comes after the prime minister chaired a review meeting on the relief package in Punjab’s provincial capital.

“Petroleum relief will be given to low-income consumers who have motorcycles, rickshaws, 800cc cars and other small cars,” he said, adding that the program would be launched soon and a comprehensive strategy would be formed in collaboration with relevant departments of effective implementation.

Motorcycles, rickshaws and small cars are used by low-income people and the kerosene subsidy would help the poor, he added. “The government is making every effort to help the poor despite its financial difficulties.”

Moreover, Oil Minister Musadik Malik briefed on the strategy to provide oil subsidy to the low income section of the society.

Last week, the federal the government raised the price of gasoline by Rs 5 per litre, irking consumers as they started making estimates on already high inflation i the coming month of Ramadan.

The finance division, in its 14-day bulletin, attributed the price rise to the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar and an increase in prices recorded by Platts Singapore.

The new prices came into effect on March 16 and will remain in place until March 31.

Product Existing prices wef
New prices
Petrol 267 272 +5
High speed diesel 280 293 +13
Petroleum 187.73 190.29 +2.56
Light diesel oil 184.68 184.68 Zero

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